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The app also features a pitch detection tool; estimator; inspection report tool, visualizer integrated with images of the customer's property; branded pitchbook; digital material catalogs; in-app order placement to distributors; light CRM; and e-sign contracts. Mobile software for performing remote, unlimited roof measurements and estimates via satellite, aerial, drone, and blueprint images.

The EagleView App. EagleView is transforming the way you work by bringing you the highest level of accuracy in a constantly changing world. EagleView combines imagery that reveals the finest and most important details with computer vision to help you identify insights into any locationfrom anywhere. By delivering timely, comprehensive answers to complex questions, we help professionals across industries improve peoples lives and make informed decisions for the present and future.


We combine imagery that reveals the finest and most important details with computer vision to help you gain insights into any location. Concrete Contractors. Web-based solution that enables the creation and management of detailed and highly constructable 3D structural models. FieldPulse is your contracting business hub, helping you run your mobile service or contracting business.

FieldPulse gives you the tools to build your business by cutting down on paperwork, making your team more efficient, and building better relationships with your customers. FieldPulse is the hub for your business, helping you manage everything in the office or on-the-go. Available on web, iOS, and Android. Cognibox Contractor Management System. Cognibox is a world leader in supplier and contractor qualification and conformity management.

Our advanced online system SaaS encompasses all the functions necessary for the management of a thorough and objective qualification process. Contractor conformity and pre qualification management solution. Cognibox helps you to reduce risks and improve your performance. FieldGroove is contractor management software built by contractors, for contractors.

Save time and money by automating manual tasks such as estimate building, scheduling and dispatching, inventory management, asset tracking, customer and lead management, and invoicing. FieldGroove is always there for you: it works on both tablets and computers so you can work in the field, and it has powerful tools that support your business at every stage of the job lifecycle. FieldGroove enables contractors to build estimates, schedule jobs, track assets, and invoice customers, from any device at any time.

This system was designed by a top remodeler to help you eliminate chaos, lower costs and boost revenue. Home pros generate and close more deals by automatically nurturing leads until they buy, track customer relationships, and manage leads, sales, and projects from a central location.

With dashboards and reports, owners get a view for better decision-making. Cloud-based contractor CRM that allows home services businesses to manage leads, sales, marketing, human resources, and projects. DASH ist ein cloudbasiertes Wiederherstellungsmanagementsystem, das Operationen zentralisiert und das Job- und Beziehungsmanagement rationalisiert.

Mit ISNetworld als integraler Bestandteil ihrer Managementsysteme können sich Mietkunden mit sicheren, zuverlässigen Auftragnehmern und Lieferanten auf der ganzen Welt verbinden. BROWZ stellt sicher, dass Lieferketten sicher, qualifiziert und sozial verantwortlich sind, indem umfassende Lösungen zur Präqualifizierung, Bewertung und Überwachung der Einhaltung von Anforderungen bereitgestellt werden, die auf den besonderen Anforderungen deines Unternehmens basieren.

Webbasierte Auftragnehmerqualifizierungs- und Managementlösung, Lieferantenrisikobewertung, Sicherheitsaudits und Workforce-Managementfunktionen. Webbasiertes Lieferkettenmanagement mit Auftragnehmer-Management, Lieferantenrisikobewertung, Sicherheitsaudits und Workforce-Managementfunktionen.

Say goodbye to multiple spreadsheets and that complicated scheduling software that your team struggles to use. Projul is built specifically for your small-to-mid-sized company and is built on proven business fundamentals that simplify everyday business, fuels your growth, profitability and overall success. Your contractors, subcontractors and office team stays synchronized working with real-time lead, customer, job and task information. Built specifically for small-to-mid-sized contractors, Projul nails down managing leads, estimates, and scheduling. Artificial intelligence tool that provides performance monitoring through the assignment of external contractors.

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Urbest simplifies group communication, jobs tracking, rating and payment for facility management and project works. The interface is intuitive which reduces the time spent to onboard new users. Urbest can adjust to any type of building or organisation. Last point, after few months, you get access to analytics of behaviors with suggested action plans. Group communication, jobs tracking, rating, payment, analytics of behaviors with suggested action plans. Fluid Contract Manager.

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Cloud-based SaaS mobile construction management software that allows you to track all of your projects information in one spot. Designed from the ground up to work off a smartphone sized screen, Owners, CM's,and Contractors appreciate Fluid CM as a simple, yet powerful project collaboration and documentation platform. Start managing your projects now with our 2 Project Free Tier. Mobile, Cloud-based SaaS mobile construction management software. Try us out using our 2 Project Free Tier.

TargetDocs provides construction firms and their subcontractors a centralized tool to tag, track and organize contract documents to achieve compliance and timely payments.

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TargetDocs automatically sorts and labels every file turned in for you review. Banyard Solutions are the innovators of e-permits, the leading web-based permit-to-work software and work authorisation system that delivers control of contractors and reduced risks. Manage your contractor data in one place and monitor contractor compliance to support reviews and underpin your own internal audit processes. The mai Contractor Portal provides real, clear time visibility of all of your contractor companies details insurances, risk assessments, licences and permits etc and their employees training records, back ground checks etc.

It enables you to manage every aspect of your contractor workforce easily using a user-friendly but compliance focused tool. A logical, simple to use platform trusted by leading Fortune companies to manage all of their contractors and employees. Power Tools. Power Tools is a construction specific software suite that is fully integrated. Our products cover the bid process, estimating, equipment, job cost, project management, accounting, lien control, work orders and construction payroll. Power Tools is available in the windows environment, cloud and also site functions on Apple and Android devices.

Need a custom feature, report or option? Power Tools is the company you need to talk to. Software that facilitates construction accounting, job costing and project management. Scheduling Suite. Our smart business technology is more than just a scheduling tool. Scheduling Suite makes your business powerful! Our solutions in digitization help our clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, improve safety, and reduce costs - worldwide. Ultimately, in partnership with its customers, PaleBlue seeks to make businesses run better, be safer, and have all the tools at their fingertips.

PaleBlue solutions in digitalization help its clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, and improve safety - worldwide. Die Auftragnehmer-Management-Software von Beakon wurde für Organisationen mit mehr als 50 Mitarbeitern in mittel- und hochriskanten Branchen entwickelt. Die webbasierte Software von Beakon bietet nutzerfreundliche Tools zur Verwaltung deines Unternehmens und zur kontinuierlichen Verbesserung. Zu den Funktionen gehören: Aufgabenverwaltung, Arbeitsablauf, nutzerdefinierte Berichterstattung, mobiler Zugriff, Dashboards und konfigurierbare Formulare.

Teste es kostenlos! Earthworks On-Screen. EarthWorks is the easiest to use and most affordable earthwork software for excavating contractors. Onsite Track Easy. Web-based contractor management tool that helps users manage site safety information, legislations, compliance, competencies, trainings, insurances, documentation, fatigue alerts, emergency evacuation records and more. Contractor prequalification solution for contractor data collection and tracking.

Time is money! We works daily on minimizing the time and efforts while maximizing the productivity of your business. We uses customer feedback to secure the best performance to the users. Full financial, tax and management reports necessary to maintain clear cash flow.

Managemart cloud field service management software for your business. Web-based solution that provides construction management through collaboration, tracking, online payments and more. Restoration Manager. Cloud-based job management tool that helps firm manage leads and track job progress and equipment through automated alerts. Felix is a cloud-based enterprise procurement platform that streamlines the way companies source, manage and contract with vendors.

Large contractors, commercial builders and government organisations across Australia partner with Felix to drive organisational efficiency and collaboration by bringing the right people, tools and information they need together. AtOne - Wholistic Management Software. Delivers on all fronts! With 12 feature rich modules in one software package, companies no longer need employ multiple people related systems and programs.

Helps service and construction companies improve scheduling, manage project costs, and reduce paperwork stress. Our long-term partnership builds on intuitive software configured to do what you need. Over global organisations use our EHS solutions with more than half a million individual users. Es zentralisiert die Projektinformationen innerhalb der Anwendung, was bei der Verwaltung der Baustelle während des Bauprozesses bis zur endgültigen Übergabe der Dokumentationspakete hilft.

Durch die Verwendung von K-Ops werden die Kosten für die Projektausführungsverwaltung durch Zentralisierung, Transparenz und Zugänglichkeit der Informationen sowie durch die Anwendung von Prozessen reduziert, was eine effektive Verwaltung und Entscheidungsfindung erleichtert. Die neue Construction-App, die dir hilft, mit Einfachheit, Benutzerfreundlichkeit, Zuverlässigkeit und Ruhe zu besseren Ergebnissen zu kommen.

EVA Receptionist. The elegant interface allows a number of sign-in scenarios for your visitors, contractors, couriers, staff, and more, all in one easy to use system. SnagR is designed to monitor the progress of complex projects, providing the easiest way to capture field data, automate reporting and visualise sophisticated analytics. Import your project schedule from MS Project, Asta Powerproject or Primavera, and SnagR will reocrd and visualise the real-time progress automatically. SnagR makes it simple to collect, report, manage and analyse defects.

Customise your forms and inspections and get access to on-site data in real-time. SnagR connects developers with contractors, field team with head office, and data with analytics. TRUE Contractor. TRUE is designed with contractors in mind, to increase efficiency and improve workflow in day-to-day operations. TRUE quickly and easily handles complex and tedious processes such as DBA prevailing wages, certified payroll, job costing, pay applications, and advanced scheduling for both projects and service jobs.

Compliance Management Solution. Die flexible und skalierbare webbasierte Lösung kann dich und dein Team während des gesamten Vertragslebenszyklus unterstützen. SiteSupervisor offers the benefits of the big players, but it's the ONLY solution built from the ground-up to be affordable to all. SiteSupervisor helps everyone in our industry work more effectively - architects, consultants, contractors, subcontractors and more.

With powerful features created from hands-on experience, SiteSupervisor not only helps you deliver your current project better. It also grows your business network for future success. Collaboration across Construction. Rapid Contractor Management. Would implementing a more efficient and centralised contractor lifecycle management system help your company? Rapid Contractor Management lets you manage the entire lifecycle of your contractors from a centralised location. Our online contractor management solutions are perfect for companies of any size who engage contractors.

They enable you to issue pre-qualification forms, determine legal compliance, store all company documents online, track expiry dates and more. Online system for managing contractor compliance. Issue pre-qualification forms, view legal compliance, store company docs and more. DS Premier. Business management software for government contractors - time accounting, employee admin, contract admin, expense management. Beinhaltet Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsüberwachung, Projektmanagement, Baumanagement und Standortmanagementmodule für das Auftragnehmermanagement.

Oncore ECM. Online system with timesheets, invoicing, payroll, debtor management, and project tracking capabilities for contractor management. Contractor Management. Provides compliance management, mobile photo ID confirmation, emergency evacuation tools, licences and insurance policy management. Through sem. EasyContract you keep an overview about your contracts and costs, wherever you are. Through a centralized view, all important contract information, like period of validity, costs, periods of notices and contacts, are easily visible. Cloud based contract management Manage with sem.

EasyContract your contracts and yourself easily and access them, wherever you are. Klinche is leading a new era of Construction industry e-commerce through our revolutionary multi-party payments platform. By bringing together the entire construction project supply chain into our cloud-based solution, users leverage superior workflow and collaboration tools, and realize unprecedented transparency mitigating the financial, legal, and project risks associated with real estate development. Klinche the secured payments solution. Job Manager. An all-in-one CRM, job, estimating, and marketing management software for contractors and home pros.

Job scheduling, integrated calendars, purchase order creation, contract and job estimates management for contractors. IC Complete. Openforce is the leader in technology-driven services that reduce operating costs and mitigate compliance risk for companies using independent contractors. Openforce frees contracting companies from the burden of onboarding, contracting, and settlement processing, while helping contractors build their business. Our cloud-based applications help businesses achieve more sustainable, profitable growth. Openforce helps companies proactively manage risk and maximize the return on their contractor investments through cloud-based software.

Damstra TWMS. Organisationen, insbesondere solche mit vielen externen Auftragnehmern, haben ein Gesundheits- und Sicherheitsrisiko, da an ihrem Standort unbekannte Arbeitskräfte beschäftigt sind. Die Erfassung von Papierdokumenten und Verfallsdaten zur Bewältigung dieser Risiken ist jedoch schwierig, fehleranfällig und schwer zugänglich. Damstra löst diese Probleme für seine Kunden, indem es einen vollständig anpassbaren End-to-End-Service anbietet, der sicherstellt, dass Personen, Fahrzeuge und Geräte sicher und arbeitstauglich sind, ihre Zeit erfasst wird und Informationen rund um die Uhr verfügbar sind.

Damstra stellt sicher, dass jede Person vor Ort und ihre Ausrüstung qualifiziert und ausgebildet ist, um ihre Sicherheit zu wahren und zu verbessern. Allows you to run your entire general contracting business from your pocket, with features for tracking, communication, and more. Contractor Management Software. Workforce management tool that provides administration of contractor operations through workplace compliance, health and safety. Automates contractor compliance verification which reduces risk and helps achieve real-time supplier transparency.

Linkd is project management software for the AEC industry. Made by AEC industry experts, Linkd is equipped with cloud technology that is accessible from anywhere at any time. This allows for simultaneous project updates and constant communication in one place. Linkd enables projects to be run more efficiently while staying in budget and keeping everyone in constant contact.

Save time, money and grow your business with Linkd! CINX - Construction Information Network and Exchange provides contractors with current product and pricing information for over 3 million items. Get started in minutes! Workforce management and licence tracking tool for organizations that work with third party contractors.

Tofino ist eine integrierte Cloud-Lösung, die Bestandsverwaltung, Vermögensanlage-Management, Wartungs-Management und intelligente Beschaffung auf einer einzigen Plattform bietet. ServiceBox is a field service management software for service companies to manage contracts, work orders, quotes, scheduling and more.

MPulse is a CMMS computerized maintenance management system offering tools for maintenance tracking, scheduling, and reporting, designed to be used by equipment and facilities maintenance businesses. Dooing helps business in the service industry to manage their fleet and mobile employees as well as dispatch jobs. Mobile Field Service Management. Trackplan is a cloud-based facilities, asset and maintenance management software.

Includes job scheduling, electronic forms, Apps for Android and iPhone, assets and stock. Silvertrac software is a real-time information gathering and incident reporting solution that allows users to report security, maintenance, and parking issues. Loc8's field service tools enable true asset-centric, real-time communication to your field staff and sub-contractors. CHEQROOM is an equipment management system that enables users to track, monitor and take control of valuable assets in the cloud and via mobile device.

FarEye is a digital logistics platform which allows businesses to build logistics applications to provide real-time visibility and aid with business decisions. Maintenance Connection is a CMMS designed to help maintenance professionals, track and manage cost, and provide valuable insights on projects. Hippo CMMS is a maintenance management software tool for organizations of all sizes. A flexible and fully customizable web-based CMMS maintenance management system for small to large businesses with enterprise-wide system integrations.

Fergus is a cloud-based job management solution for electricians and plumbers, covering quoting, invoicing, timesheets, scheduling, reporting, and more. Thousands of other clients just like you are aiming to organize their daily incoming work order requests, preventative maintenance routines and meter type readings for Unlimited Users including staff. I would pay quite a bit to have this software back up on the cloud. Compared with other "giants" of cost estimation, it represents an option with a high "benefit-cost" ratio. Excellent ease of use and installation in light equipment such as an ipod, for example.

Its main limitation to my way of seeing is that it is not based on the cloud or allows the export of the product made to another device, or failing that, send it via email. That limits its range of action. Startseite Construction Cost Estimator.

Construction Cost Estimator Alternativen. Wer nutzt diese Software? Über diese Software An app for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac that helps contractors quickly create on-site estimates. Siehe die vollständige Baukostenkalkulation Software Liste. I've been using this for a few years to do low voltage quotes. Handyman job estimator software.

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Ich möchte E-Mails erhalten zu Jobs für: To improve your efficiency, increase service and reduce costs. Construction Cost Estimator ServiceTrade mobile and web apps help commercial service contractors coordinate office staff and field technicians to deliver an amazing customer experience. Bewertungen Bietende Anbieter können über den blauen Button neben ihrem Produktprofil "Besuche Webseite" identifiziert werden. Top Instandhaltungssoftware Anwendungen und Tools tattoo-stars. Wer nutzt diese Software?? Neue Funktionen.